DHL Express offers versatile and reliable delivery options: from emergency same day, through guaranteed time-critical next day, to less urgent day certain options. As part of its Group-wide GoGreen strategy aimed to substantially decrease its CO2 footprint DHL increasingly deploys emission friendly ways of transport.  Rotterdam and Amsterdam are two examples of its effort to realize zero emission last mile delivery options.


Rotterdam makes use of innovative cargo bikes, the so called Parcycles. Every morning shipments are being delivered at a depot located close to the Erasmus bridge. The depot functions as the hub for the six Parcycles, used to deliver and collect shipments to businesses and consumers in the city. This means of transport is not only zero-emission but also faster and more productive than delivery by van: no traffic congestion, no parking problems and  easier access to locations in the inner city centre.


In Amsterdam DHL Express makes use of a canal boat, a so called Floating Service Center. Vans take care of supplying the boat at its berth, which in turn supplies the Parcycles on its route through the canals.  The canal boat will be upgraded to a full-electric boat in the cause of 2017, as will the supplying vans, thus realizing another multi-modal zero-emission last mile supply chain.

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