Within the context of the Green Deal many parties would like to know what kinds of products are available to buy or will be coming onto the market. We are not talking here about familiar technologies, vehicles, fuels, etc., but about newer and/or less well-known options.

The list below groups together all products that are or will be available to buy and could contribute to achieving the target of zero-emission city logistics, thus meeting the need of the parties referred to above. We apply the following rules when compiling the list:

  • There are no strict limits regarding whether a product can still be regarded as new and/or relatively unknown. This is assessed by an expert panel within the core team. Over time it is likely that items will also be removed from the list.
  • We do not set the bar too high: we would rather have too many items than too few.
  • Most of the information is taken from sources such as public websites. You should check yourself whether this information is valid in practice.
  • The inclusion of an item on the list does not imply that it has been approved or recommended. The list is merely a tool to help you identify the available options more easily.
  • HAN University of Applied Sciences compiles the list for us annually, but we do not claim that it is complete or exhaustive. We are happy to receive contributions in the meantime from anyone who thinks an item is missing.
  • We ask experts to quickly assess the contribution made by a product (what form of emissions is reduced and whether this is a large or small reduction). You or the supplier may well disagree with this assessment. Once again, this is an aspect that you should check yourself.
  • In other words, you should use the list as a quick reference to point you in the right direction, but should then form your own opinion.

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